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Let ACEIT join your IT team.

Over time, we all need to revisit IT to see that we are getting the kind of support required for our organisations, a great deal, and an IT company that shares the vision for the growth of your company and will guide you in the right direction.

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How often should I be backing up my data?

Your data and information stored on your computer network is very valuable. If you lost your data because it wasn't backed up, ask yourself, how long would it take to re-create the missing information, or if it could be re-created again ... that's how often you should be backing up your data.

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End to End Solution Provider

Choose a I.T. company that can provide you with a solution that suits your requirements from start to finish.


Dedicated Research & Development

Want to introduce new technology or software into your business, let us know and/or ask us to do the testing for you.


Cloud Computing Focused

In an era where everything is going mobile, be sure to choose a company that is cloud computing focused, to drive your businesses' productivity through the roof.

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  • Trevor Mifsud

    Director of Associated Computer Engineers - Since  2002 CEO of vCloud Australia - Since 2015 Specialising...

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    ACEIT provides a range of managed IT and consultancy based business solutions, tailored specifically for our customer’s individual needs. Our communication, flexibility, honesty and reliability are qualities that our customers have come to expect. ACEIT guarantees the highest level of customer service available…
    At ACEIT we are driven by solutions and results. We are experts in what we do, which is why we will always get it right the first time. We will never waste your time with ‘band-aid’ solutions, which are ineffective and a waste…