Are you looking for cloud based software that is developed specifically for your needs and requirements, using platforms we use today.

Over the years, ACEIT have had vast experience working on a number of big software projects, in addition to working on internal projects for both ACEIT/vCloud Australia.  We have also managed the development of some outsourced projects (web, application and mobile development).

Cloud Computing has emerged upon us now, whilst the world of software development hasn't accelerated at the same pace. Cloud based Software Development is the next step in a future where cloud computing is going to form the base of computing.

Mobile devices have made it possible for all of us to see breaking news within minutes .. world wide. Social media has changed the manner in which we communicate. Phones and Tablets have made our kids brighter and smarter, so making the next computing platform starts with the right type of software development.

Cross platform development plays an integral role in how the future of software development is going to be utilised. It is very important to work with a company that has an open mind and not be caught up with software development tools that are still 10 years old.

That software that is being developed is already redundant.