IT Consultancy


ACEIT offers a specialised IT consultant strand to their business. We pride ourselves in advising companies across Australia in every aspect of computing. From backup solutions to meeting with your third-party provider. From the very small question to the complex glitches, ACEIT is in your corner assisting you every step of the way.

An IT consultant provides a road map for sourcing, ultising and managing all IT resources and assets. We listen to your businesses IT needs and recommend the best solution for you that will maximise your productivity and effectiveness throughout your work day.

No question or solution is a hassle for us at ACEIT. Even though we live in an IT savvy world where email and live chat is at our fingertips, we believe the business of IT consultancy needs to be done face to face. We run this section of our company the old school way. We come out to you, we assess your needs, we make recommendations and we continue meeting with you at your office, each and every time.

To make an appointment with our team of senior IT engineers, please phone us on 1800 825 683.