IT Systems Management


ACEIT brings you a centralised management system that manages your company’s IT property and encompasses monitoring the IT systems and resolving any problems. Systems management addresses the solutions all size businesses require.

Included in our system management services are:

  • Management and monitoring of total network (server, storage, printers and devices), including notification of disruptions and issues and other network actions.
  • Hardware inventory and configuration management which includes operating systems, firmware and license management.
  • Application software usage and management
  • Software inventory: assuring relevant versions are acquired and patched, and licence management.
  • Anti-virus and malware management tools included in security management.
  • Continuous backup and restore within ACEIT cloud network.
  • Integrated help desk with an in-house built support ticketing system and 24/7 management and assignment of tickets.

Managing your IT systems proactively is something we take very seriously. Especially in today's very demanding yet dangerous world where information data transfer is very important and scary if you don’t have the correct data protection in place.


Systems Management: Why it is important to you.

IT requirements are in all facets of every business, and with your business growing, so do your IT needs. Due to the dependency on IT to run your business, it is vitally important to manage and safeguard all IT areas effectively.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to perform regular data back-ups independently. Without the proper hardware and storage media, your business could face corrupt data, malfunctioning hardware or incorrect backup software. Whatever the reason, costs to replace the data and restore employee productivity can be enormous. With the new data breach scheme taking affect in Australia, businesses can face stiff penalties if they can’t store, retrieve, monitor and transmit data in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

System management solutions help keep your systems up and running and maximize employee productivity. It also helps us as your IT management team, efficiently roll out new software solutions or upgrade your existing ones. An effective system management solution helps your company move forward, with ACEIT providing you with the guidance and support in all areas of IT.

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