Managed Services


We believe IT should be at the forefront of your business. It is your security, your productivity and it’s what makes your business run.

We understand running a business, no matter what size it is, involves incredible dedication and considerable amount of time, which leaves you with very little to dedicate it to the IT side of your business. Here at ACEIT, as a managed services provider (MSP), we tailor a comprehensive solution for your devices to be more proactive at dealing with issues before they become a difficult situation.

managed services


ACEIT is in your corner, working side by side we tailor an affordable solution that is specific to your business. With resource monitoring (CPU, memory, hard disk, dedicated controllers), updates (windows and third party) and live malware monitoring, we can have the health of your network at our fingertips.

  • Realtime monitoring system, network, anti-virus/malware.
  • Manage both on-premise and cloud networks from one portal.
  • Scheduled Microsoft Windows & Third Party updates outside business hours.
  • Remote access, control, chat and transfer files across the internet or cloud network.
  • System resource monitoring ensures optimal performance on your machines and network at all times.
  • Scheduled maintenance windows for rebooting and after hours system maintenance.

A little bit complicated? Please contact one of our IT specialist via phone on 1800 825 683, or click here for email or live chat.